What is property management?

What is property management? By real estate management, we understand the implementation of a detailed real estate management strategy, which includes such activities as:

  • Creation of favorable and safe conditions for customers
  • Ensuring the competitiveness of the property on the market and thereby the formation of a stable cash flow Interaction with insurance companies and brokers
  • Development and implementation of energy saving measures
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  • Implementation of a plan to optimize operating expenses
  • Attraction and control of specialized organizations
  • Inspection of the facility to maintain impeccable world standards for the quality of services provided
  • Development and implementation of a plan for periodic scheduled inspections and repairs of engineering equipment
  • Organization of a system for recording tenant applications, monitoring their implementation
  • Avoiding emergency situations Development and implementation of a plan for current and capital repairs
  • Development and implementation of the policy of attracting, retaining and rotating tenants
  • Maintaining lease agreements, monitoring the implementation of contractual obligations
  • Formation of additional income Interaction with government agencies
  • Formation of a positive image of the object
  • Creating conditions for transparency and trusting financial relations.


The result of the quality work of the management company is:

  • Cost minimization
  • The increase in financial income (cash flow and as a result of the value of the object)
  • Ensuring the competitiveness of the property on the market
  • Ensuring trouble-free operation of engineering systems

These components are the key to success and stability of your project. Transferring the Customer’s Object to the management of our company will increase its value and investment attractiveness. Obtaining consistently high cash flow from the facility, well-functioning work of the technical systems of the building, cleanliness, safety, flawless work of auxiliary services and the availability of everything necessary in the building are all indicators of the high professionalism of the management company. In addition, we strictly follow the world practice in the field of insurance and therefore annually insure its civil liability to third parties, which is one of the most important advantages of our company.

Our main principles of building maintenance and engineering systems are:

  • Short-term and long-term work planning and necessary resources.
  • Permanent system diagnostics and fault prevention
  • Testing clear action algorithms for localizing any emergency situations and emergency cover
  • Permanent quality control and professional development
  • Development, planning and implementation of measures for the modernization of systems
  • Ensuring safety and labor protection
  • Compliance with standards of etiquette and work culture Individualization of the above procedures for a specific object.

The list of facility management, maintenance and operation services:

  • The management and supervision of all aspects of the Facility maintenance (in the amount agreed upon with the Owner), the selection of specialized organizations and the conclusion with them of contracts for the operation and maintenance of the Facility in which the MC acts on its own behalf.
  • Maintenance of the building and engineering systems: Planned preventive maintenance and operation of heating and heat supply systems, ventilation and air conditioning, automatic control of security and fire protection systems, access control systems, video surveillance, dispatching, power supply, water supply, sewage, wastewater, structural parts of the building and roof, elevator facilities Providing the property with all necessary consumables, tools and inventory
  • Appointment of persons responsible for electric, thermal and lift facilities, as well as fire safety, personnel certification
  • Conducting preventive and maintenance of engineering equipment and structural elements of the property
  • Develop a capital improvement plan 24-hour emergency response Interaction with regulatory authorities on the maintenance of the property (utility providers and inspection bodies)
  • Ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations of technical operation of the property
  • Conduct an annual technical audit of the facility.
  • Facilities security services.
  • Cleaning services and maintenance of common areas of the Facility and the surrounding area.
  • Conducting regular inspections of the Real Estate Object and compiling reports on the status of the Real Estate Object Conclusion of service contracts for proper and effective management, operation, operation and security of the Real Estate Object.
  • Snow removal and garbage disposal. Services for disinfection, disinfestation, disinfection.

Compatibility of regulations for washing windows. Owner, organizations and organizations. Tenants (under separate agreements). Accounting for operating and other payments.

Development of guidelines for standard real estate management techniques (policies, procedures, guidelines).

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